Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Basketball Rotations = Playing Spades

This blog has featured opinions and advice from different writers in the past. The goal is to add additional information for readers. The following is from Phillip Gumbs, father of Rice guard, Elena Gumbs. Elena had a very successful high school career which included a trip to Austin. She played for one of the best club organizations in the country, TeamXpress, and had plenty of colleges vying for her services.


A parent’s perspective


Expectation Management


The time of year is finally here, the time when young ladies are receiving college offers, making commitments, and preparing to sign their National Letters of Intent (NLI) during the early signing period.  It’s a very exciting time for young ladies across the country, a time when the fruits of their labor are starting to show through, it can also be very frustrating, starting to feel pressure about making a life changing decision on their futures armed with insufficient information.  As a parent of a student athlete, I feel compelled to share part of the process I used, which can make your daughter’s transition to playing at the next level a smooth one.

The first step in this journey is Expectation Management.  As parents, it is our job to prepare our children to handle a variety of situations; our daughters have put in long hours in the gym and classrooms to perfect their basketball and academic skills, which have allowed them to achieve a certain level of success.  It is also our jobs to perfect their life skills as they move forward in the next phase of their careers by teaching them to manage their expectations.

We all believe our daughters are great basketball players, but how do they handle adversity?  Can they handle the first time a coach tells them they are not as good as they think they are?  Can they handle the possibility of limited to no playing time?  These are just a few situations all players have to deal with when entering a college program.  I call this the Spades principle; no it’s not the card game, but the similarities are striking when you put them in perspective.  Thirteen total books in spades, 13-15 players on a roster, so remember these numbers as your prepare your child for the next step, five, two and a possible, and five.


·         Five - the number of players on the floor at one time

·         Two and a possible - the number of players coming of the bench

·         Five - the remaining who may not receive any playing time


Remember, everyone is on scholarship, everyone was a star at her school/club program, and everyone is competing for a spot.  Take nothing for granted, prepare for the unexpected, and then ask, “Is my daughter prepared to handle one of these situations?”  If so, great, if not, start laying the foundation now, because once they leave, it’s too late.

Friday, October 19, 2012

October Quick Hitters!!

Official practice has started and there is excitement in the air. It is time to celebrate the brilliant young women in the city for their dedication. The HS season coincides with the early signing period that begins in a couple of weeks. Quick Hitters follow:

- Elexus Allen has committed to Nichols State. Allen is a track star as well and has long been regarded as an elite prospect locally. In fact, she was first documented on this blog over three years ago in this article. Allen still has tremendous upside and is constantly improving on her ability to stretch the defense with the jumper. Playing for a HS coach that demands mental toughness in Anissa Hastings, Allen will undoubtedly be able to make an immediate impact on the defensive end at the next level. Congrats to Sophia Young Elite director, Mike Ekenem, for continuing help get his players in school. A shout must go out to Cavin Leonard of the SA Comets, who was instrumental in getting Allen started on the right track. Congrats to Elexus and her family!!!

- The latest edition of the RV Baugus Texpreps Basketball magazines has hit stores (Walmart or Barnes and Nobles). The magazine features  analysts on the local and state seen. Some notables include:
  •  SA John Jay is regarded as a Top 5 team(#4) in the state for 5A
  • Our 2014 class is celebrated with 3 players in the Bakers Dozen for top players in the state. Wendy Knight(#11), McKenzie Calvert(#4/Baylor bound) and Recee' Caldwell(#2) are featured.
  • Our 2015 class features one Bakers Dozen selection in Kyra Lambert(#9/TAMU bound). Anyone that has not read the 30 in 30 on Lambert needs to! She is a remarkable young woman!
  • The Mag features pics of the following local kids: Abby Amick, Mallory Grimm, Avery Queen, Corrina Moncada, Tesha Smith, Elexus Allen, Julia Rendon, Destiny Amezquita, Aleeya Harris, Ashia Mclaurin, Hannah Thompson, Morgan Williams, Carlie Heineman and KK Saenz.
  • The Mag picks Wagner, Steele, Stevens and Reagan to win their district titles.
- Distinguished Visitors: USC, Florida State, North Texas, Arizona State, UTA, Univ of Louisiana-Lafayette, UCLA, and Wichita State are a few schools that have been to local schools the past couple of weeks.
- Campus Visits-
  • Brooke Allemand took her official visit to Univ of New Mexico
  • McKenzie Calvert was reportedly on hand and Baylor's Midnight Madness. Video footage featured Brittany Griner jumping over her teammate and doing 360 degree dunks.
  • Tanaeya Boclair recently visited UTA.
  • Wendy Knight recently visited UTA.
  • Recee' Caldwell recently visited Texas. She is scheduled to visit UConn next weekend.
  • Aleeya Harris is currently on a trip to Western Kentucky.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Local Stars featured in PBR's 30 in 30

Premier Basketball Report has launched a series that will focus on elite high school prospects across the state. Two local kids have been subject of interviews. Avery Queen and Kyra Lambert both have interviews with PBR staff, Mark Williams. The links follow.

Avery Queen

Kyra Lambert