Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hoyas doing good things

Theresa Nunn and her South Texas Hoyas are quietly making noise. The Hoyas have been in the back ground while SA's more publicized clubs(TeamXpress-Lady Rohawks-SA Comets) have gained national attention. Coach Nunn, former Churchill standout, has a great organization that is getting kids in school. The Hoyas have teams that that range from 8 to 18 years old. Some recent Hoyas moving on to college include:

Stacey Mammel- Concordia University, Minnesota

Lesleigh Phillips- St. Mary University, San Antonio

Tasha Yancey-Texas A & M International University, Laredo

Rebecca Davis- Texas A & M International University, Laredo

All of these schools are Division 2 schools and can give full scholarships.

All four of these girls have received athletic scholarships and or financial assistance to help pursue their dreams. Coach Nunn actively recorded, edited and sent tapes of her players to these universities. She is apparently a dedicated coach that not only prepares her players on the court, she actively pursues colleges to make them aware of her girls. Her efforts have helped 4 young ladies on their path to an education. Coach Nunn is another example of what is good about Club Ball.