Saturday, January 31, 2009

San Antonios' Kids at the Next Level

Here is a quick snapshot at how some of San Antonio's kids are playing at the next level:

Christine Flores- Missouri- Churchill HS- TeamXpress

Games Played=17 Minutes= 8.5 Points= 3.9 Rebounds= 2.3

BreAnna Brock- Missouri-WagnerHS- Hidden Talent

Games Played= 5 Minutes= 1.8 Points= .8 Rebounds= .4

Shavon Walker-UT Pan American- Clemens- Lady Rohawks

Games Played= 14 Minutes= 4.9 Points= 1.2 Rebounds= 1.4

Krystal Stirrup-Tennessee Tech- MacAurthur

Games Played=7 Minutes= 23.3 Points= 9.1 Rebounds= 5.7

Sarah Miles- West Virginia-Sam Houston- TeamXpress

Games Played= 19 Minutes= 32.9 Points=11.6 Rebounds=4.9 Assists= 3.06

Lacey Klause-Texas St- O'Connor

Games Played=13 Minutes= 5.8 Points=1.5 Rebounds= .9

Bree Dawson- Texas St- Stevens- Team Dynasty

Games Played= 16 Minutes= 9.4 Points=1.3 Rebounds= 1.3

Amber Holmes- Southeast Missouri St- Cornerstone- CyFair Comets

Stats unavailable- Possible Redshirt

Jasmine Malone-Missouri St- Antonian- TeamXpress

Games Played=19 Minutes=22.6 Points= 6.2 Rebounds=4

Rebecca Davis- Texas A&M International- Boerne HS- South Texas Hoyas

Games Played=17 Minutes=6.6 Points= 1.9 Rebounds= 1.0

Chanice Scott - Tulsa- Sam Houston- TeamXpress

Games Played= 19 Minutes= 10 Points= 2.4 Rebounds= 2.4

Lesleigh Phillips-St Mary's- Stevens- South Texas Hoyas

Games Played= 14 Minutes= 7.3 Points= 2.4 Rebounds= 1.5

Deanna Patterson-St Mary's- Roosevelt- Texas Breakers

Games Played=14 Minutes= 9.2 Points= 1.1 Rebounds= 1.2