Thursday, October 8, 2009


With all the hoopla surrounding which club is the best fit for girls, I advise parents to do what intelligent college recruits do when really seeking the truth; ask the current and former players.

If a kid really wants to know how a coach and a program operates, go and ask the people who have been affected most by the club; the players.

Go and ask Jessica Kuster and Marquisha Sparks about the SA Heat. Sune Agbuke and Victoria Willems can give you the truth about the SA Comets Elite. Try talking to Taylor Calvert and Niaga Michell-Cole about their Lady Rohawk experience. See if Meighan Simmons and LenNique Brown will tell you about the inner workings of TeamXpress. Ask Asha Finch and Michelle Rodriguez if the Hoyas are a good fit?

By seeking the truth from the players that make these clubs tick(contrary to belief of some egomaniac coaches who think they make the players), kids will get an authentic look at what is and what is not. We parents tend to have agendas and may offer a less than genuine depiction of certain clubs. But kids, they have no reason to alter the truth. By in large, they are still uncorrupted by politics and less likely to worry about the perceived repercussions of telling the TRUTH!