Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Club tryout info!

A few weeks ago, I asked some of the parents of elite basketball players to give their DO's and DONT lists when choosing a club. I will now provide tryout information for SOME local teams. I could not find or contact many clubs for their info.

SA Lady Rohawks- The Rohawks are affiliated with Mike T. White/Cy-Fair Texans Fila group. They will have recently added an OLLU Assistant Coach to its staff. For tryout info contact, . An orientation is scheduled ar February 19, 2010.

SA Heat- The Heat will have tryouts February 23 and February 25, 2010. The location will be Tejeda MS at 7pm-9pm. For contact info,

TeamXpress- TeamXpress is an Adidas sponsored team. Tryouts/practices on the weekends at Sam Houston High school. For info contact,

South Texas Hoyas- Hoyas tryouts will be March 13th. For contact info,

SA Comets- The Comets will have varsity tryouts on February 12th at Cornerstone Christian School at 6:30. The Comets Elite was sponsored by Mike T. White/Cy Fair Texans for the last couple of years.

SA Finest- SA Finest is now affiliated with Nike Cy-Fair Elite. One of the SA Finest teams will play on the Nike circuit this upcoming season. For tryout information contact,

SA Comets(Leonard)- The Comets is an invite only club and are tryouts by appointment only. For info contact, .