Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Stevens Coach!

San Antonio basketball great and former UT player ,Anissa Hastings has been named to the head coaching position at Stevens High School. Hastings served as an assistant coach last year at Stevens.

Hastings promotion is a testament of faith and perseverance. She coached two seasons at Fox Tech. Her stay at Tech was remarkable as she helped instill confidence and pride in a program that failed to win ANY district games in the years leading up to her hiring. In her second season at Tech, she had her teams vying for a playoff position going into the last week of the season, before coming up a game short.

Hastings then left her head coaching position at Fox Tech to play the number two this season at Stevens.Many wondered why she would leave a head position to play the backup. She obviously knew something that others did not. You can not keep a good coach down!!!!!