Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last season Top 25 Review

As I prepare to release my new Top 25 in the city, here is a review from last year and update in their whereabouts.

1.Meighan Simmons (Tennessee)
2.CeCe Harper (Kansas)
2.LenNique Brown (USC)
4.Sune Agbuke (2011-Baylor commit)
5.Erica Donavan (2011)
6.Jessica Kuster (Rice)
7.Stephanie Whittman (Kansas State)
8.Jackie Edwards-Woods( Saint Mary Commit/Attending Juco)
9.Kiante Ageous (Arizona)
10.Chyenne Berry (SFA)
11.Arielle Roberson (2011)
12.Julissa Garret (unknown)
13.Kathryn Galindo (Saint Mary)
14.Daniell Blagg (2011)
15.Michelle Rodriquez (UT Arlington)
16.Alexis Govan (2011)
17.Ciara Mclee (Jacksonville St.)
18.Taylor Calvert (2011)
19.Arlene Cisneros (unknown)
20.Asha Hampton-Finch (2011)
21.Shana Holmes (2011)
22.Victoria Willems (William and Mary)
23.Niaga Mitchell-Cole (2012)
24.Olivia Patterson (Southern Illinois)
25.Marquisha Sparks(Blinn College)

In review:

-16 Seniors on the list

- 11 Division One Players

- 14 College Bound Seniors

- List did not include college bounds seniors:

Hillary Lumpkin(Saint Anselm), Cierra Booker(Dillard College), Brandy Hurd(Dillard College), Julie Knouse(Incarnate Word), Liz Briones(Catholic University), Genise Pressley(Concordia), Lauren Elliot(Southwestern), Chelsey Solis( Texas A&M Kingsville), Haley Capestany( Texas A&M Kingville), Nicole Kindred( OLLU), Maretta Stubbs(OLLU), Jordan Callazo(Panola JC)

- At least 26 Seniors playing in college this upcoming season