Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Local High School trainers share Muscle Recovery Advice!

I recently sought the advice of a local high school trainer. The questions that I asked pertained to the proper nutritional way(s) to help facilitate muscle recovery in young female basketball players. To my delight, this trainer not only offered his assessment but included input from his peers throughout his district. My initial email is in red and some of the advice follows in italics:

"Please give me your opinion on muscle recovery drinks....I have bought Myoplex and Muscle Milk.... While researching the topic, I came across articles detailing the benefits of organic chocolate milk."


"What is the best drink for a highly active girl? What drink (food) would you recommend for me to purchase that would allow her to recover rapidly without having negative side effects...Also, what are your thoughts on anti-inflammatory supplements".

"From a female prospective my personal Doctor is a fan of Soy Milk for women. I have never been a fan of any magic supplement of any type. As long she eats a healthy well-balanced diet and drinks water and limits sugar drinks in moderation including gatorade and has a normal regular menstrual cycles she should not have to supplement. But of course I am old school." Female Trainer from local High School

"The chocolate milk is just as effective as the muscle milk or myoplex, and is probably more beneficial to a 14 year old girl anyway. I would stick to low fat or 2% chocolate milk." Male Trainer for local High School

"If the student/parent wants an "advantage" in recovery, then the most natural route is the "best" for muscle recovery.
As far as the anti-inflammatory supplements, if the student is not complaining of or being treated for "soreness" I do not believe there is an advantage to treatment of a condition that does not "show" itself."
Male Trainer for local High School

"My reply might state that any food or drink with protein, carbs, and, yes, a little fat will be sufficient for recovery." Male Trainer for local High School

"Normal chocolate milk I have heard is the best for a growing teenager. The myoplex is not bad but it is more filling than anything else and cost a ton. Muscle milk is a meal replacement and it muscle recovery items are horrible tasting, expensive, and high in fat. Honestly just stick to simple things for a high school kid that other stuff is super expensive and has been linked to digestive track issues later in life due to additives." Male Trainer for local High School