Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Giving Season!

In the season of giving, here is a short list of SOME of the best givers in the city:

Lauren Rubio- The South San lefty is arguably the best passer in the city. She understands that a good pass leads to a good shot. She has incredible touch on her passes and a flair for the no look.

Karissa Cantu- The MacArthur PG enjoys setting up her teammates as much as any kid in the city.

Chymaya Turner- The reigning state Shot Put queen is an extremely good passer. She is often the focal point of opposing defenses and her teammates benefit from her generosity.

Leslie Vorpahl- The super soph is probably the best in the city at knowing her personnel. She realizes that some players are always open for a reason! Vorpahl does a great job at passing the ball to teammates in an area that they can succeed.

Jackie Anderson- The much improved guard for Antonian is becoming a terrific facilitator. She does a increasingly good job of leading her passes by throwing to open areas and prompting teammates to move to the ball.

Alexis Copeland- Another sophomore guard for O'Conner with good vision and touch. The lefty passes off of the dribble extremely well.