Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Player Assessment Questions!

A coach sent these questions that he poses to his college players. They are relevant to players at all levels. They follow:

1. Why am I here?
2. Have I put 100% effort into game preparation?
3. Have I taken responsibility for my actions?
4. Has basketball been a top priority?
5. Do I love this game?
6. Have I misjudged others for my mishaps ?
7. A leader or follower, which am I ?
8. Are my work habits as good as they should be?
9. Who(or what) is stopping me from displaying my skills?
10. Have I expressed myself to others effectively?
11. Have I been reacting to others criticism or my own?
12. Do I support my teammates positively ?
13. Am I hungry for success or content with failure?
14. Do I spend the extra time getting better?
15. Am I focused on basketball ?
16. Do I practice as hard as I play ?
17. What do my mannerisms say about me ?
18. Am I being criticized by my current coach over the same issues that former coaches criticized me about? If so, what is the obvious reason?