Thursday, April 28, 2011


Here are a few stories of success that should inspire others:

  • Nikki Nolan- Two ACL injuries and one major shoulder separation could not stop the "Bulldog",a nickname given to her by Lady Rohawk Coach, Charlie Harper. Nolan perseverance and toughness is very remarkable given that she is 5"6 on a good day and played out of position in club and high school basketball. Watching the diminutive guard grab double digit rebounds in a game earlier this season, I could do nothing be admire her tenacity. Nolan's ferocity made me a huge fan of hers last August. At a Gannon Baker clinic in College Station, Nolan backed down from no one. Some of the best guards in the nation went at her and she used every inch of her body to let them know that she was no push over. Nolan's signing with Central Methodist University is a celebration of stick-to-it-tiveness and in her case, TOUGHNESS!

  • Another MacArthur star, Alexis Isaac has reportedly been accepted to MIT. The Lady Rohawk wing will play basketball at the prestigious academic institution. Isaac passed on numerous opportunities for scholarships for chance to attend her dream school and pursue professional goals. The Lady Rohawks motto is "Using Basketball as a Vehicle for Education" and Isaac kept the game in perspective by making academics a priority. Congrats Alexxis!

  • Another NEISD star, Markia Thomas, has received a full scholarship to play at New Mexico Junior College. The All-District power forward for Roosevelt played a major part in the success of her high school this past season. Congrats Markia!

  • Cornerstone coach, "Ice" Reed did an exceptional job this past season. Coach Reed has a total of 4 players moving on to play college basketball from the 2011 class. Coach Reed is smart enough to embrace club ball and the SA Comets Elite organization and their efforts to help his kids. Coach Reed has a son that is a stand out ball player for a local high school and he understands that its takes a basketball community to raise a college basketball player.

  • Speaking of parents that get it, congrats to Mr. and Mrs. John Roberson. Anyone who has had a prolonged conversation with John will leave with an impression of a man with a firm grip on the basketball scene. John, does not allow others to dictate the road for his children. While most observers questioned the philosophy of his daughter, Wagner star Arielle, waiting until the spring to commit and sign with college, John and his family stayed the course. Many questioned his course with his oldest two daughters. One of them now plays pro ball overseas after a successful career at Texas Tech while the other one plays volley ball for UT and has helped her team to a couple Final 4's. Arielle will join her brother at the University of Colorado. Her brother was not as heralded as others in his class. Some whispered behind John's back that he was holding his son back. Now his son Andre is receiving major attention as a freshman from NBA scouts for his incredible athleticism, versatility and upside. These same attributes were honed by his father while the local "experts" questioned him. John, a former pro himself, has a great sense of perspective. He understands the big picture better than most in regards to "needs". I remember John talking to me about club ball. He went on to explain that Arielle did not "need" to travel all over the world as a freshman for club ball. He explained that Arielle played daily against a 6'7 brother that is better than ANY girl across the country. He theory was that all the competition that Arielle needed, slept a few doors down the hallway. In hindsight, I guess father knew best. And mama! Anyone attending a Wagner game knows that Mama Roberson knows her stuff too!

  • Look out for a feature on Smithson Valley star, Alison Salmon. Salmon gave up her last year of club ball to serve on a Christian mission to witness to the unprivileged. Her story is very remarkable. Salmon, one of the best shooters in the city, is reportedly choosing between UT-Dallas and Trinity soon. Trinity is probably the front runner, according to her choices in the past.

  • Farewell to the SA Lady Hoops. One of the best 7th grade teams in the state of Texas are no more. The group represented San Antonio well across the nation. They gained many admirers with the exciting style of play and dynamic point production. The group has disbanded because head coach and founder, Antonio Holmes, has been reassigned in his capacity with the Air Force. Thank you Coach Holmes for your contribution to SA basketball and more importantly, for your sacrifice for our freedoms. The SA lady Hoops will be missed. They gave further reason for SA to hold its head up across this great state in terms of basketball. The Lady Hoops took on all comers and were the shining example of where SA basketball is going, UP!