Sunday, May 29, 2011

u16u updates via Hoopgurlz

SA Area Kids, Recee' Caldwell and McKenzie Calvert are representing very well in Colorado for the u16 tryouts. Both guards have survived two cuts and are heading into Sunday with a full head of steam.

Caldwell, the youngest invite in the event(despite having two 8th graders), has held more than her own. The following are from Hoopgulrz:

-"More later, but Recee Caldwell has been rock solid as a pg, getting the right people the ball. Hope the committee knows she's a shooter 2." HoopGurlz Tweet


-"Recee' Caldwell, the 5-foot-8 guard from San Antonio, Texas, is playing at a high level at the USA U16 national team trials and the smile on her face for most of it shows she's having a good time.

"This spring Caldwell showed she had spent considerable time becoming a scorer and one of the 2014 class' best shooters. That scorer's mentality raised questions about how she might fit in as a potential national team member as the last two cadet teams were all about size outside of the point guard position.

Caldwell has answered many of those questions by playing the role of a true point guard really well. Long jumpers have been replaced with vocal leadership and heady passing.

"When I was younger I was always a pass first point guard," Caldwell said. "That's my nature."

Caldwell looked pretty confident and comfortable transitioning back to the point. Whether it earns her a spot on the team or not she is showing how
complete her game is becoming at an early age." HoopGurlz on the Trail

McKenzie Calvert recieved some national love as well with a very impressive picture that is historic for San Antonio. The pic speaks volumes. Recee' and McKenzie were teamed together on a scrimmage squad that stricty dominated!