Thursday, March 21, 2013

Showcase Hoopers 1: Tovar, Green and Dean

Belle Tovar(2016) Takes Flight
Belle Tovar is a Hooper!  Watch the 2016 guard for a significant amount of time and you will come away with the same sentiment. In a girls game dominated by players that are "built", Tovar is a old school hooper. She is that kid that learned to play the game by playing the game. As witnessed in the above photo, taken at the SB Showcase, Tovar has an unconventional flare to her game and takes risks not commonly seen by young female ball players. She is not afraid to try new learned moves and her athleticism  and size allows her to make head turning plays. The Wagner HS frosh is one SA's brightest 2016 players.
Taylor Green(w/Ball) one of CenTex Best 2017's

Like many daughters of coaches, Taylor Green is a gym rat. Her individual skill set is clean and her understanding of the game is impressive for a young kid. The thing that truly makes her stand out is her ability to defend. Many times, so called elite defenders are glorified hackers and risk takers that prey on weaker players. Green is not that type of player. She is remarkably in tune to exposing offensive players weaknesses by using her athletic ability and understanding angles. She knows how to use the court and her teammates as additional defenders as well. Her 3ball is strong and her motor is why she is already drawing college interest.
Japreece Dean(2015)- Central Texas play maker
Good players make plays. While that sounds obvious, often so called good players fail to make plays. Japreece Deam (Vista Ridge)is a play maker. The 5-5 PG is a really good passer in traffic despite her small frame. The way she finds her teammates with an array of pockets passes and drop offs ensures that her teammates get easy baskets. While she makes others better, she can also keep defenders honest by attacking off of the bounce to score and shoot the open jumper. Dean is easily one of the better point guards in South and Central Texas.