Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A quick update on the best San Antonio kids for the class of 2010. It has been a lot of debate about if the 2014 class is deeper than this class. These numbers and team success raises the expectation level for the 2014's.

Len'Nique Brown(NC State)
-Starting PG for #14 in country
Averages: 8.8 pts/4.5assts
Conference Rank
- Assists(3rd)
- 3Pt FG%(11th)
- Assist to Turnover(5th)

CeCe Harper(Kansas)
- Starting PG
Played in consecutive Sweet 16's
Averages: 10.1pts/5.79 assts /1.71 steals
Conference Rank
- Assists(1)
- Steals(7th)
-Assist to Turnover Ratio(7th)
- Minutes Played(5th)

Meighan Simmons
Starting Shooting Guard for #10 team in
Played in 3 consecutive Elite 8's
Averages: 15.1 pts/2.5assts
Conference Rank
- Scoring(10th)
- 3Pt FG%(5th)
- 3Pt FG Made(5th)

Jessica Kuster
Starting Forward
Averages: 20.9 pts/ 13.4 reb
Career leading scorer for Rice
Conference Rank
- Scoring(3rd)
- FT %(5th)
- Blocks(8th)
-Minutes Played(3rd)

* Jackie Woods is 4th in the Heartland Conference for St Mary's (Div 2)