Friday, November 21, 2014

Quick Hitters: November 21, 2015

  • ·         Kyra Lambert is having her way with high school defenses. The soon to be named McDonald All-American is showing that not being allowed to play varsity last year could not stop her. The Clemens super guard is averaging 27 points early.  She is on pace to surpass the 25.9 average that Meighan Simmons averaged in 2009-2010.

  • ·         Boerne Champion frosh ,Katlyn Ghavidel is averaging 21 points a game. Seven games into the season, she has hit 24 three pointers at a rate of 41%. At this pace, she should hit the 100 make mark by the end of the season. To my recollection, only two players have hit the 100 mark; Brooke Allemand (Boerne Champion) and Carlie Heineman (Brennan)

  • ·         Mayra Sendejo for Southside High Schools is a good lead guard. Sendejo is a quick fiery on ball defender that is capable of hitting the open 3.

  • ·         Alexes Bryant is continuing to expand her game. The 6'2 forward for Steele showed extremely well in the Corpus Christi Miras Rivera Tournament. Frequently playing on the perimeter, Bryant hit a couple catch and shoot jumpers from 3. She is averaging 17 ppg early.

  • ·         Speaking of Steele, the new boss has enthusiasm. New coach Jeff Chatman has the respect of his players. They are playing hard for him with his pressure defense and up-tempo style. Watching him in a suit lead the pregame defensive slide and reaction drill sets the tone. He seems to be a guy that has skin in the game. Word is that Chatman ran the tryouts for his middle school and is encouraging his youngsters to come up to the gym and get shots on the Gunn while working with him and the high school players. Obviously his passion and focus on growing his youngsters through skill set (not allowing 5'10 middle school guards to be dumped in the post)is a plus for the city.

  • ·         Staying on the topic of passionate new coaches, Smithson Valley has one. David Farber is a no nonsense guys that seems to get it. Coming from the boys side, he coaches his girls hard and they are responding. He clearly knows the X & O's and is allowing his players to play.

  • ·         The city is wide open and a little down this year. Losing double digit D1 players and close to 30 college players from the 2014 class has watered down the quality of play a bit. How open is the city? Preseason #1 Wagner started the season 0-3. Current #1 Brennan barely beat Wagner, who was missing one of the best guards in the country in Kiana Williams and the gifted young big, Danaisha Hood. Clemens going down by double digits to Corpus Christi Carroll showing that Kyra going for 40 is OK if the rest of the team is held in check . Stevens is tough to beat but depth may be an issue over a long grueling season. Johnson and Clark can score but can they defend well enough? Steele can defend but can they score enough in the half court come playoff time when the game slows down?  Teams like O'Connor and Churchill can beat most teams on any given night as long as Vidal and Flores are shooting a high percentage. How down is the city? Top 10 teams Clemens, Reagan, Steele and Reagan all went down to Corpus Christi Carrroll last weekend. No disrespect to CC Carroll but I cannot recall this 4 of the best SA has to offer getting beat in the same year by a team from the valley.