Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Love for the little "guy"

Olivia Balderas is putting up crazy number for YWLA. Here is what I wrote about Liv in 2011 in a future stars blog:

Olivia Balderas( SA Hustlers)- The 2017 guard is nice! She is the rare young kid that possesses ball handling and body swag to accompany it. She moves defenders with her head , shoulders and eyes. This enables her to set defenders up for her tight handle. Her go to move is a nasty hesitation dribble that freezes defenders. She counters the "hezzo" with a hard cross over that leaves defenders left standing still. On top of a handle with swag, Balderas can shoot the 3 ball, off of the dribble! In the face of defenders! She's real, a Box & 1 kid that has a bright future.

Sounds about right as the high scoring sophomore is averaging a little more than 22 points a game. Years ago, I wrote about Shana Holmes, a high scoring guard that was putting up crazy numbers for Stacy, a small military affiliated school. I compared Holmes numbers to other prominent scorers in the city at that time. When Homes transferred to 5A Southwest, she still gave buckets to the opposition a at a high rate. There is no doubt in my mind that Balderas can too move to a bigger school and score proficiently.

To average 20 plus points a game in an entire season is a rare accomplishment in girls basketball for the San Antonio area. A lack of a shot clock and equal opportunity offensive coaching ensures that 20 point scorers will not be the norm anytime soon. Liv Balderas has a chance to end up topping the 800 point mark for the season. What is more impressive is that she has spear headed a remarkable turnaround for her YWLA squad. YWLA has won 20 games this season, up from one total victory last year.