Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finally Getting Love!

LenNique Brown is well known and regarded in SA. What has been missing is the National respect. Not anymore! Hoopgurlz wrote the following about the Wagner High school point guard:

Good things can come in small packages, especially if you covet speed and quickness. Len'nique Brown of San Antonio, Texas is bursting at the seams with speed and quicks. She is shifty with the ball and accelerates from stop to full speed as well as anyone. She has a knack for slipping into the smallest seems in the defense and rarely loses her balance, allowing her to keep her eyes on the action and ready to make a play. She has figured out that attacking the defenders' hips allows her to open the defense up on her first move. As a break-down point guard, she is fantastic and her aggressive, feisty play on defense negates a lot of the size issue.

The TeamXpress back court received more than it's share of ink from Hoopgurlz with the following assessment Nationally Top 10 Ranked, Meaghan Simmons:

Meighan Simmons can flat out play. The Cibolo, Texas native is a fierce defender and has no problem carrying her team to the finish line. She plays with an intensity that you can read on her face with her trademark scowl. She does a great job threatening the defense with jab-steps to create space and she elevates high and releases quick on a shot that is good to 20-feet or more. The TeamXpress star may not have prototypical size for a shooting guard at 5-8, but that's not stopping all the big dogs from recruiting her.

Everyone knows how strong the 2010 class is in San Antonio and Hoopgurlz has taken notice. This gives the total of 4 San Antonio kids featured on the site. Brown, Simmons, Jessica Kuster and Stephanie Whitman. Whitman,ranked as the 11th best guard in the Nation by Hoopgurlz, is rehabbing from a knee injury and should be returning to TeamXpress before the summer evaluation period.