Thursday, April 23, 2009

HEATing up!

Congrats to the SA Heat for winning the Sponsored Division of the prestigious Deep South Classic. The Heat played and won the equivalent of the Bronze Division last year and moved up to the Silver Division this year. Team sources say that they will play in the Top Division in July and try to make it 3 for 3.

More exciting, is the love that Jessica Kuster is getting. The following is from ESPN Hoopgurlz:

At 6-2, Jessica Kuster has height and wingspan but a slim build, which means she's got to be in motion to make an impact on offense. In fact, Kuster comes alive around the ball, going to the floor to retrieve it, using her elastic arms to keep it in play off the glass. The forward out of San Antonio, Texas, has decent body control and lift in the lane, if not outright explosiveness. That helps her influence the game mostly at the defensive end, blocking and altering shots. Once in a while she intrigues with nice-looking, eight- to 10-foot jumpers from the baseline and elbow regions. When her offense catches up with her defense, Kuster will have a shot at being wooed by Duke, what her father and coach describes as her dream school. Coming from a military family, she is not afraid to travel.

It is always good to see SA kids getting national attention. Kuster was recently named to the SA Superteam and recently led her Reagan Rattlers to their best season ever. I must brag that I received some flak by some for ranking her so high last preseason. Now that Hoopgurlz has certified her official, now maybe she can get the respect she deserves.

Thanks to the Heat and Jessica making sure San Antonio continues to make noise on the National Stage.