Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quick Shots!!!

Some quick hitters from the past week follow:

A Shootout at South San Tournament- When Southwest played Holy Cross on Thursday night, a old fashioned gun fight erupted. Southwest's Shana Holmes and Holy Cross' Jackie Woods went to the hip and let em' fly. The high scoring guards both ended up with 40 points in the battle. Southwest won 65-60. Both Woods, Saint Mary commit, and Holmes have a few things in common. They both are small in stature, are probably under rated and are among the best scorers in this city. However their playing styles are different. While both can hit the open three and penetrate to score, Woods is smooth and measured. Holmes is track star fast. Woods is a lefty that rarely goes right while Holmes is right handed and seldomly goes left. Woods looks unassuming and blase' while Holmes is built like a muscle car with arms and legs that go from 0 to 60 in seconds. Whatever similarities or differences these two may have, they both are synonymous with GETTING BUCKETS!

Kiara Taylor is huge for Jay- The Jay match up with Wagner at the Lone Star event last weekend showed the importance of Kiki Taylor for Jay. Taylor is one of the better defenders in the city and gave a valiant effort guarding Len'Nique Brown. However, her biggest contribution may be hitting big threes when needed as witnessed by Jay's overtime defeat to Wagner in their first meeting this season. Taylor chipped in 12 points in that meeting. While all-city first teamers, Erica Donovan and Julissa Garrett are the backbone of the Mustangs, Taylor will be key in their attempt to reach Austin.

SV Beats Roosevelt- Smithson Valley shocked Roosevelt on a game winning shot by the very talented Danielle Blagg. SV had the Rough riders down 17-2 at the end of the first quarter. SV is off to a good start with the arrival of a new coach, former Texas guard Angie Hermesmeyer, and a maturing line up. they are 9-4 overall and 2-0 in district.

26-5A- The team to beat in 26-5A looks like New Braunfels, who beat MacArthur by 16 last night in district play.