Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quick Hitters!

Shana Holmes doing what she does!- Shana Holmes lit NB Canyon up for 40 last night. The junior guard for Southwest is having a great year and is averaging over 24 points a game. Holmes has been named the Express-News Player of the week twice this season. Here are some of Shana's scoring efforts against some of the better teams and opponents in the city:

-15 points vs #6 Clemens (Loss 59-50)
-16 points vs O'Conner (Loss 52-49)
-24 points vs Stevens (Win 43-39)
-21 points vs Roosevelt (Loss 49-40)
-23 points vs #2 Steele ( Loss 67-55)

Wagner playing for the ship'- Wagner defeated Arizona's Westview 58-24 on Monday. They then followed up that blow-out to defeat New Mexico's Gallup 57-45. They face California McKinleyville today at 3:30pm for the Purple Division title of the Nike TOC II.

Basketball Strength Training!- Stack Magazine has a wonderful book recently released focusing on strength training for Basketball players. The unique thing about this book is that it features some of the workout plans of NBA stars. Players such as Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, and Chris Paul are featured in the easy to follow book with specific training regiments that they incorporate to stay on top of their game. The book also includes the diet plans of Chauncey Billups. The detailed meal plans includes pregame and post game meals as well as workout meal plans.

The book also features advice from strength and conditioning coaches from various NBA and college programs including the Phoenix Suns Erik Phillips. Phillips has garnered a lot of praise with his workout philosophies and has been credited with helping the often injured Grant Hill stay healthy during his Suns tenure. Nash goes on to say about Phillips:

"Erik's philosophy of using corrective exercises , which help you correct deficiencies as an athlete and prevent injuries down the road, is a great baseline to set any training regiment by".

The book goes on to show various workouts that utilizes techniques using free and machine weights, foam rollers, physio balls, plyo boxes, wobble boards and others.

UTSA vs Louisiana Tech tonight!- UTSA will face Louisiana Tech tonight at 7pm. The game will feature a WNBA legend in Louisiana Tech Coach, Teresa Weatherspoon. The only player in WNBA history with 1,000 points and 1,000 assists, Weatherspoon coaches with the same intensity that she played with. During timeouts, she has little use for the diagramming board as she points, directs, chastises, encourages and schools each and every player throughout the duration of the timeout. The look on her face resembles her former forays into the paint while absorbing contact to set up her teammates for an easy score. Her lean and muscular frame screams that she IS still the best athlete in the gym. It would be a sight to see if she and UTSA's own former pro, Tai Dillard, would lace them up at halftime for an impromptu one vs one game. While observing the UTSA assistant coach, Dillard ,last month in a practice scrimmage against current players, I could not help but to notice that she can still GO!!! Hopefully the game between the college kids will be as fun as that fictional match up!