Monday, November 22, 2010

Alexis Sendejo best spot up shooter in city?

Alexis Sendejo is arguably the best shooter in the city. Sendejo and her high arching shot tickles twine at a great percentage.

Stevens Coach Anissa Hastings does a great job at running Sendejo off of numerous baseline screens to free her up. Hastings disguises some of the screens by sending them from different looks to confuse defenders. Sendejo has a knack for setting up screens ala Reggie Miller. If defenders jump the screen, she knows how to redirect her route and Flare. If the defender trails, she has the IQ to curl off of picks and get open mid range shots. This ability to read and use screens seperates Sendejo from most shooters in the city.

Sendejo is the perfect Robin to Alexis Govan's Batman(woman). While Govan is a strong slasher and penetrates extremely well, Sendejo stretches the floor for Govan to have more room to operate. Sendejo has a strong frame and has improved her ball handling to attack over eager defenders who close out too aggressively. Her ability to shoot makes Stevens a very difficult out come playoffs. Do not be surprised if Stevens has an incredible run with Sendejo knocking down the three ball. The battle with John Jay's defensive stopper KiKi Taylor will be a must see.

Sendejo is in contention for best spot up shooter in the city with Champion's Brooke Allemand, Marshall's Carlie Heineman, Johnson's Brie Foresman, and Smithson Valley's Alison Salmon.

Sedejo is this years version of former Wagner sharp shooter and current UTA guard Michelle Rodriguez.