Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Opening Games Quick Hitters!!!

The high school season started off with a bang. My opening games quick hitters follow:

-"Erica Donovan is the 'Wagner Killer'"- Midway through the game at Wagner last night, I received this text from the father of one of the best players in the city. He is absolutely right. Donovan carried her shorthanded squad to a 70-65 win over Wagner. Donovan did not bully her way to dominance like she did last March on her way to Austin. She exhibited an increased skill set that had her playing the point guard most of the night. She scored numerous buckets in transition and made the pivotal assist to a streaking Kiarra Taylor after breaking the Thunderbird press with 2 minutes left in the game. Donovan then gave the "cut throat", it is over gesture as she ran up the court. Basketball purists would probably would be offended by it. I am purely delighted with her intensity. She is the reigning ALPHA female in the city!

Speaking of Alpha female, Donovan reminds me of former SA great Jazmine Malone. Here is why. I recall sitting in the stands of Littleton Gym as Malone walked in the building. Former SA great Christine Flores ran over excitedly to hug and greet her club teammate, Malone. Instead of hugging Flores, Malone gave her a luke warm reception. Scheduled to play that day was Malone's Antonian team and Flores' Churchill squad. Malone was sending Flores a message. The message was simply, " Later for all the pleasantries, it is time for me to show you that I am boss". That attitude is evident in Donovan.

I witnessed Donovan try that "boss" persona with former club teammates Meighan Simmons, Len'Nique Brown and Kiante Ageous. While she did not achieve Alpha status with that talented strong willed group, she did not play the subservient role either. Last night established her status as the "one" in the city.

-Speaking of Alpha- Alexis Govan is as tough as it gets in the city. I first wrote about Govan while detailing her exploits in a battle against Donovan a couple of years ago in an article called "Guard 21" . Govan scored 24 points in a defeat to a very good Churchill team on Monday. During one stretch, Govan took over the game with 3 consecutive steals and conversions on the other end. She is playing with the swagger of a player already committed to a Division 1 university, Western Kentucky.

-Stevens' guard, Alexis Sendejo has incredible trajectory on her three ball. She finished with 17 points with 5 three pointers in the loss to Churchill.

- Carly Truesdale from Churchill gets it done! She is extremely strong with a understanding of her skill set. She can hit the three but is also surprisingly agile and finishes with acrobatic lay ups in traffic.

-Speaking of Churchill, watch out! They are deep. They have a very good floor general is Leslie Vorpahl and Danielle Espinoza is long and extremely active on the boards. They have AT LEAST three players who will average double figures which makes them extremely tough to ignore. They simply outlasted a really good Stevens team and won by double digits.

Recee' Caldwell for Johnson put on a show against Taft. Even though the freshmen recently stepped on her high school campus as a 13 year old, she showed that her game is mature beyond her chronological age. Caldwell finished with 37 points in a four point defeat. Johnson, with a senior laden team, averaged 36 ppg last season. Johnson averaged 33 points a game a year ago in District. Even though they lost by four, the Jags scored 53 points in the opener against a decent Taft team. The future is bright for the Jags. Mark my words, this young team will be a major factor in the city in a couple of years. They are getting another freshmen sensation next season in Erica Sanders. Outside of Kyra Lambert(Dolbie MS), Sanders is the best 8th grader in the city and is already drawing college suitors.

Speaking of the future, let's rewind- I wrote an article three years ago entitled San Antonio's Future . Let's see how accurate my assessments were up until this point.

Destiny Amezquita-2013(Jay)- Reigning SA Express Newcomer of the year. Jay missed her sorely last night. Think about how good Jay will be when she gets back from her ACL injury.

Hannah Thompson 2014(Brandeis)- Still recovering from an ACL that sidelined her for almost a year. Debuted as starting PG on JV last night and scored 15 points and 8 steals in less than half a game.

Corrina Monchado2014(Wagner)- Started at the point guard spot as a freshman last night for the preseason #2 team in the city. Wearing Len'Nique Brown's number. That should tell you what Coach Camacho thinks about the kid.

Heather Hormuth 2013(Champion)- Made Second Team All-District as a freshman last season.

McKenzie Calvert 2014(Steele)- scored 21 points in her HS debut. Already Committed to Baylor. HoopGurlz 100 kid.

Ashely Ross 2014(Wagner)- Played major minutes last night for the #2 ranked team in the city as a freshman. A dozen or so college letters from BCS caliber schools.

Recee' Caldwell 2014(Johnson)- Already documented her debut above. HoopGurlz 100 kid.

Kyra Lambert 2015(Dolby MS)- Already getting major college attention as an 8th grader. Will be a HoopGurlz 100 kid next summer!

Moriah Mack 2013(Reagan)- Starting on a very good Reagan team and led team in scoring on opening night.

Wendy Knight 2014(Reagan)- Played major minutes for a very deep team in her debut. Already has a Division 1 offer.

Avery Queen 2014(Boerne)- Started in her debut and played major minutes before getting in foul trouble. Getting heavily recruited.

Antania "T" Newton 2014(Jay)- Started at the point in her freshman debut for the #1 team in the city.

Daleesha Monroe 2014(Stevens)- May miss season with injured foot JV team.

Amber Ramirez 2016(Heritage MS)- If you want to see a show, go look up Heritage middle school schedule and witness Ramirez. had 30 in her MS debut. Is almost unfair as a scorer at that level.

I "predicted" these kids would shine over three years ago. Not because I claim to be a guru but because "it is what it is". These kids have parents that get it. Or should I say got it a long time ago. These kids have parents that do not make excuses for them. These kids were trained not to feel "entitled" to make varsity. These kids were putting the time in and traveling all over the country to COMPETE! That is why SA has such a bright future. Some kids and parents are taking the game serious and not treating it as social clubs and recreational time. I obviously missed on kids like Vorpahl and Brooke Allemand(1st team All-District as freshman and 23 points in season debut last night) when I wrote this three years ago. Not because I did not appreciate their games , I had yet to see them play.