Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Rough Riding Road Runner!

Niaga Mitchell-Cole has decided to stay home! The Roosevelt star has chosen to attend the University of Texas San Antonio to play basketball. The best player in the city for the class of 2012,according to this blog, has decided to join the other candidate for tops in 2012, Sabrina Berry, at UTSA. The Roadrunners scrimmaged the University of Texas on Saturday and drove home from Austin knowing that the immediate future of the program just got a lot brighter.

Mitchell-Cole is a potential difference maker. Her size and skill at the guard position could make her a Roadrunner great. When projecting talent, fit and upside are always a huge consideration. I have long felt that with Niaga, the sky is the limit. For the last three years, I have chronicled the potential for greatness in Mitchell-Cole. The local high school fans have yet to see how truly amazing she can be. Her high school system is one of ball control and establishing tempo. This disciplined system offers little opportunity for her creativity and athletic prowess to shine. Just wait! The Dribble Drive Motion Offense and open post spacing of UTSA Coach Rae Blair will expose Niaga in a new light! The four guard system that encourages attacking dribble penetration and proper spacing will allow Niaga to grow. Mitchell-Cole plans to sign on 11-11-11. Anyone that has had the opportunity to get to know Niaga would understand why the date of her planned signing is as unique as the personality of the South Texas Hoyas guard.

Niaga opens up during a Q & A and explains why UTSA was the place for her. Her responses are in red.

1. First off, congrats on your decision. How does it feel to know that your hard work has paid off and you will play basketball beyond high school?

Its a great feeling knowing that all of my hard work in the gym and sacrifices I've made have paid off. I'm extremely thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to play at the next level!

2. What made you decide on UTSA and how hard was the decision to make in terms of choosing them over the other suitors?

The decision was tough because I'm a very analytical person so it really came down to the small details. In the end I decided to pick UTSA because it was what I felt,was the best fit for me.

3. You are the 1st high profile kid in the city's recent history to choose UTSA, how does it feel to be a trail blazer and how do you think your decision will affect others players in the city.

"Trail Blazer"??? Ha...I'm just little ol' Niaga(Ni-ah-zha)...No but seriously, I feel it's an honor to open the door for many young girls who may have the perception of staying close to home as being an "underachievement"...I view it as the complete opposite. It's a huge accomplishment because to me, there's no greater feeling than to live out your dream with the support of the people you love right by your side.

4. With UTSA set to join the Western Athletic Conference next season, did that have any impact on your decision? And how does the move help enhance your future college career.

UTSA moving to the WAC did have an impact on my decision. While I respect what they've done in the Southland Conference, the WAC will bring a different style/level of competition and in turn, challenge me to be a better player.

5. The recruiting process can be overwhelming at times, was the experience a good one for you? If so, what did you enjoy about the process?

Even though the recruiting process was a little overwhelming at times, my experience through the process,as a whole, was great. I had the opportunity to meet new people and travel to new places. I also had an enormous amount of expertise from Coach Nunn & Coach Berger to keep me sane and level-headed and they really made the process run a lot smoother!

6. Without going into specifics, what did you not enjoy about the recruiting process?

The rejection process was the hardest for me because even though those schools weren't the best fit for me, it's always hard telling someone that you're choosing to go a different route.

7. What role do you see yourself playing for the Roadrunners?

Their lineups have typically been smaller, and I feel I will bring size and length on both ends of the court at the guard spot.

8. Even though the saying goes that you should not choose a school based on a coach, what was it about Coach Blair and her staff that made you see that UTSA is the place for you?

I'm huge on fit and being around Coach Blair and her staff made me feel like I was in the right place because of their style of play, combined experience, and resources to take me to the next level!

9. Do you know the fight song yet? And if so, will you sing it on this blog in the upcoming weeks?! If not, WHY?

Yes I heard it at a recent football game and SURE I'll sing it on the blog ...IF you sing it with me! :)

10. How many official visits did you take? How would you rate that experience?

I took 3 official visits and each visit brought their own uniqueness...of course UTSA prevailed because of the overall experience and great atmosphere the coaching staff,players, & administrators provided while I was there.

11. A few new schools became very interested in you over the past couple of weeks, what made you decide to not pursue the new opportunities?

Even though I was thankful for the new interests from schools, I was already leaning toward my decision and because of that I decided to not pursue those other options.

12. What advice would you give local prospects in terms of the recruiting process?

The best advice I could give is to Do your research, take your time, take everything in...and stay in control of the process don't let it control you!