Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Three for 3!

Brooke Allemand(2013), Katlyn Ghavidel(2018) and Carlie Heineman(2014) pose for a picture during a recent training session at a local gym. This picture has the potential to represent close to 1000 three point high school makes when it is all said and done.

Allemand led the state of Texas with over 100 three point makes last year, her sophomore year. The sharp shooting Heineman is slated to follow up her District New Comer of the Year season with another great showing. Ghavidel is considered to be one of the best young slingers in the city and will pursue Allemand's future three point records at Champion in a few years. Ironically, Ghavidel's main competition for middle school sharp shooting supremacy is another Heineman, Kenzie. Kenzie Heineman(2018) is the younger sister of Carlie.