Thursday, June 11, 2009

CeCe problem solving in June

Cece Harper has a problem to resolve. There is no news in having problems since we all deal with them on a daily basis but CeCe's problem will have an enormous effect on her future. Her problem is what some would consider a "Good Problem". Her problem stems from the fact that she is very sought after as a basketball player and to date, she has received over 30 offers from Division 1 schools. When most teenagers are worried about what outfit to wear or what so-and-so said about them, CeCe is trying to decide the most important decision of her young life. The month of June will have a great impact on helping her decide where she will take her talents to and play college basketball.

The Harper family will rack up frequent flier miles as CeCe makes visits to the University of Kansas, Kansas St. University, University of Central Florida and the University of Miami. She has already taken trips to Louisiana Tech, North Texas and University of Texas at Arlington, as well as others.

CeCe may not decide on her college destination in June but this month will definitely help shape her decision. Only if we could all have such "problems".