Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love for Nike and Gannon Baker!

SA Comets Elite parent/administrator Jeff Willems sent the following comments regarding the Nike Regional Camp.

"This was simply the best basketball skills event I have personally ever seen. Gannon Baker and his staff are amazing with their high octane approach to everything. Not only do they demonstrate the drills at full speed, they explain in great detail what the player should be learning by doing it in the first place. I have never seen Sune work harder. Not only was the light bulb flickering to on, she actually was maturing before our eyes. It was just a wonderful experience. If you ever get the chance to attend one of these events.... don't hesitate. The quality is top of the line."

For those of you who do not know, Gannon Baker is arguably the best skill set trainer in America. Ever since I attended a Gannon Baker training session four years ago, I have been a follower of his practices. Most so called trainers can not demonstrate what they attempt to teach. Gannon is not that type of trainer. His energetic workouts are amazing. His "Baker Speed" ambidextrous demonstrations are impressive and informative. He teaches fine points of particular moves in simple rhymes to help players remember the steps. Rhymes such as "IF They Reach, You Teach" is one of his many sayings that emphasizes the need for offensive players to use counter dribbles to punish defenders who gamble and reach for steals.

Nike has also added former NBA pro, Dee Brown to its Regional Academies. This is another reason why Nike is widely considered the best among shoe companies that sponsor club basketball teams. Their involvement in developing players and putting on quality events is well known.

As mentioned in a previous Blog, Sune and Jeff Willems are members of a sponsored club aligned with the Cy-Fair Texans/ Mike T White. Sune's inclusion into the Nike camp was reportedly facilitated by Cedric LeFluer. LeFluer is the father of TCU standout, TK LaFluer and is the Director of the Cy-Fair Texans. His apparent assistance in helping one of his affiliated clubs player participate in a rivals' skill camp is amazing. This cooperation is what the game should be about; THE GIRLS!!!!!