Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Progress Report-2009 Grads!

The transition from high school to college can be enormous. Here is a report card of how some of our local 2009 stars are doing:

Monica Engleman -Kansas- GP( 13) GS(0) Minutes(12.2) FG%(43.5) 3ptFG% (52.9) Pts(4.2) Reb(2.1)

Lyndsey Cloman -Oklahoma- GP(9) GS(0) Minutes (11.2) FG%(36%) Pts(2.2) Reb (3.2)

Alexis Williams -Cameron- GP(12) GS(8) Minutes (24.8) FG%(41.3) 3ptFG%( 40) Pts (9.0) Reb(4.2)

Aleshia Flowers -South Florida- GP(8) GS(0) Minutes (7.5) FG% (28.6) Pts(o.9) Reb(1.6)

Alicia Houston- Midwestern St.- GP(6) GS(0) Minutes (9.0) FG% (14.3) Pts (0.5) Reb (1.2)

Felicia Jacobs - St. Mary's- GP(14) GS(0) Minutes(10.3) FG% (41.7) Pts(2.9) Reb( 1.7)

Liz Boyd- St Mary's- GP(14) GS(6) Minutes(20.8) FG%(42.9) 3ptFG%(48.6) Pts(7.7) Reb(3.1)

Courtney Peay -Nyack- No stats available online

Sabreena Denure- UTA- GP(13) GS(0) Minutes(7.5) FG%(0.83) Pts(.5)

Bobbi Taylor- South Alabama-GP(5) GS(0) Minutes(5.0) FG%(41.7) 3ptFG%(80) Pts(2.0) Reb(2.1)

Chelsea McMeans-Lipscomb- GP(13) GS(1) Minutes(9.6) FG%(48.7) Pts(3.3) Reb(2.2)

Alisha Crump- OLLU- GP(10) FG%(46.8) Pts( 10.2)