Monday, November 10, 2008

San Antonio's Future

With High School Basketball starting soon, I want to shed some light on some Middle School Ballers that are making noise in San Antonio.

In no particular order or ranking, I will only give my positive assessment of their game. All of these kids have a long way to go so mentioning areas of needed improvement is not necessary. They all need to improve and stay dedicated to the game but these are some of the better players in the city in the Middle School age group.

Destiny Amezquita- 2013- Big Strong guard with a knack for scoring. She has reportedly went for 40 in a couple of Middle School games last year. She will attend Jay next year and has already practiced and played summer ball with some of the varsity players from Jay. Nice jumper and handle but her strength is getting into the paint to create for herself and for others. Plays with her fathers club team, The Mustangs.

Hannah Thompson-2014- Another super strong kid with great athletic ability. Has played as an undersized post player in the past but was rarely out rebounded. She has been known to dominate games with sheer will. Handle and jumper is constantly getting better and will make her a major force. She goes hard all the time.Will attend Brandeis. Recently joined SA Finest after years with SA Comets.

Corrina Moncada-2014-One of the best on-ball defenders in the city. Smart kid that makes plays. Well rounded offensive player that can hit the open 3 and get into the paint. Her defensive intensity is what distinguishes her. She plays defensive angles as well as any her age. Will attend Wagner and plays club ball with the Jaguars.

Heather Hormuth-2013-Easily one of the most skilled "Posts" in this age group. She has developed a strong face up game to go with her 5'10 frame. Go to move is the "up and under" but has great footwork and hits the 15 footer with regularity. Another kid that goes hard all the time. Will attend Boerne Champion. Club team is SA Finest.

McKenzie Calvert-2014- The best slasher in this age group. Mixes it up well with runners, floaters and spin moves. Athletic ability is off the charts. Jumper is solid and defensive pressure is a strength. Really good and humble kid that plays with a swagger. She is zoned to attend Steele but may join her All-State sister at Incarnate Word. Plays for her father and his Jaguars.

Ashely Ross-2013- The Dennis Rodman of this age group. A rebounding and defensive machine. Very athletic and strong. Will attend Wagner and club affiliation is the Hurricanes.

Recee' Caldwell-2014- Probably the most skilled in the city in this age group. Very rare to see a kid with Yo-Yo handle at this age. A pure and savvy point guard who prefers to pass and has a great IQ for being a 7th grader. Born in the end of 96', she would be a 6th grader if born in Texas. Can shoot off of the catch and dribble. Had a dozen letters before the age of 12. Will go to Johnson. Currently plays for SA Finest but will play up next year with TeamXpress.

Kyra Lambert-2015- No one in her class is even close. Another very skilled combo guard. Can pass, slash, score and shoot. Plays with and against boys on a regular basis and gives more than she takes. She leads by example and is not a rah rah type guard but is always one of the better players on the court. First step is just unfair to defenders. Will attend Steele and plays in a great back court with the Jaguars.

Moriah Mack-2013- One of the best finishers in the city.Has body control and balance that is not often seen at this level. An undersized forward and is a terror on the boards. THE BEST on ball defender in this age group. Will go to Reagan and plays with the Jaguars.

Wendy Knight-2014-Very athletic wing. One of the better finishers in this age group. A very competitive kid with a wide array of finishing moves. She is smooth but explosive and handle has become increasingly strong. She hits the 17 footer with regularity. Will eventually be able to play 3 positions. Will attend Reagan. currently plays for SA Finest.

Amber Ramirez-2016- 5th grade magician. Very strong handle and swagger is amazing for a kid this young. She can hit the three and slash. A good passer and a natural leader. She really sticks out when playing against her own age group. Will eventually attend East Central but currently plays with the Lady Swoops. Another kid that plays against boys often.

Avery Queen-2014- 5"11 kid with a great future.She has a 6 foot wing span that blocks and changes a ton of shots. She has strong low post moves that include an effective turn around jumper and a great up and under. Like most young "bigs", she is still trying to understand her body but her upside is enormous. Her growth plates are still wide open. She has a decent handle and a good jumper from 15 feet. Will attend one of the Boerne schools and currently plays for SA Finest.

Antania Newton-2014-Very quick guard that lives in the paint. She finishes very well and is definitely one of the more skilled young guards in the city. She can score in bunches and is a very solid defender. Will go to Stevens and currently plays for SA Comets(Leonard).

Deleesha Monroe- Very big and strong kid that is tough to keep off of the boards. Another "big" that is continuously getting better and learning her body. Her offensive game is much improved and she is another upside kid. She will attend Stevens and currently plays for SA Comets/Leonard)