Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 Division 1 bound players

The consensus among local fans has been that the city is down in comparison to last years class. However, the numbers say otherwise, at least in regards to Division 1 commits. The 2010 class in SA placed eleven players immediately to the Division 1 level. When Arielle Roberson decides to commit, that would give the 2011 class nine Division 1 players, only two less than last year. The 2011 Division 1 bound kids follow:

Sune Agbuke-Baylor

Ercia Donovan- NC State

Danielle Blagg- Tulane

Alexis Govan- Western Kentucky

Taylor Calvert- Winthrop

Ebony Watkins- UTA

Asha Hampton-Finch-Prarie View A&M

Kiara Taylor- Texas Southern

Arielle Roberson-(undecided)