Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quick Hitters!

- If Churchill's Leslie Vorpahl and Champion's Brooke Allemand lived in California, they would have the entire Big West and West Coast Conferences camping at their high schools, begging for commitments. In a recent conversation with a west coast college coach, he stated that mid-major colleges in the west are still apprehensive about going after Texas kids because of their supposed propensity of staying close to home.

- Speaking of terrific 2013's, Canyon's Chymaya Turner is ranked in the Top 10 in the city in scoring, assists and rebounds. That is what you call a real triple threat.

- "Daddy, that kid needs a spanking"- A few years ago I heard this comment from a little kid at the grocery store. While waiting in line, a little brat was throwing himself on the ground and having a tantrum. He was kicking and screaming all while throwing himself repeatedly on the hard floor. The mother of the child was helpless and visually embarrassed. Then the sweetest little girl witnessing the tantrum while standing in an adjacent checkout line looked up at her father and said, "Daddy, that kid needs a spanking". I ,along with others who were in line, tried with all of our strength to not laugh out loud in agreement at the girls comment.

I can not help but to think about this little girls comment while watching some local games recently. I have witnessed girls audibly call their coach "stupid" in front of all to see. I recently saw a kid reprimand a coach for not calling a timeout when she felt that one should be called. Things like refusing to high five a coach when substituted or cursing at an assistant coach are some of the antics that have been on display.

I am not advocating corporal punishment but I am bringing to light the increasing disrespect of coaches by some of the local kids. I am sure this is not just a San Antonio thing but this is a San Antonio based blog. Some local coaches may want to take a page out of Bobby Knights book and REDIRECT these tantrums in a constructive way. A chair maybe:)!! As in, sitting a few kids down for their behavior will probably go a long way into instilling life long lessons.

I once overheard Tina Camacho tell the parent of a disgruntled college bound player that it was her way or the highway. She has done this on numerous occasions. She has had college bound players quit the team until they learned that she was the Boss. When a John Jay star began this season with a vow to quit, Mike Floyd's response was rumored to be, "Then quit!". Camacho and Floyd run two of the best programs in the city and the discipline they instill ensures respect from their players. The tantrums from the earlier examples are coming from kids that are hardly college bound basketball players and yet their actions are tolerated. Camacho and Floyd understand that you prepare kids for college(and life) by not allowing them to throw tantrums and be disrespect to authority and still play!!!