Friday, January 7, 2011

Fantasy Teams!

After watching Steele's Elena Gumbs play extremely well tonight in a loss to Wagner, I received a call detailing a great game by Champion's Brooke Allemand. I then began to think of my fantasy teams. Here they are:

Len'Nique Brown Team (Undersized but Mighty!)

pg- Brooke Allemand(Champion/ 15.1 ppg)

g-Elena Gumbs(Steele/ 11.9 ppg)

g- Shana Holmes(Southwest/ 19.3 ppg)

f-Markia Thomas(Roosevelt/11 ppg 6 rbs)

f-Ebony Easter( O'Conner /15.8 ppg 10.7 rbs)

Get Big Team!

pg- Ebony Watkins (Wagner/ 13.2 ppg)

g-Erica Donovan (Jay/ 20 ppg 14.6 rbs 4.4 assts)

g-Niaga Mitchell-Cole(Roosevelt/11 ppg 8.5 rbs 4.2 assts)

f- Arielle Roberson (Wagner/19 ppg)

c- Sune Agbuke

Pretty Puppies Team!(Fabulous Freshman):

pg- Recee' Caldwell(Johnson/20.7 ppg)

g- McKenzie Calvert(Steele/15.4 ppg)

g- Wendy Knight(Reagan/10.2 ppg)

g- Carlie Heineman(Marshall/11.3 ppg)

f- Tay Boclair(Brenan/12.7 ppg)

Jessica Kuster Team (Freakish Athleticism):

g-Moriah Mack(Reagan /10 ppg)

g- Danielle Blagg(Smithson Valley/14.7 ppg)

f- Sabrina Berry(Reagan/12.1 ppg)

f- Dio Warr(East Central/10.7 ppg)

f- Monet O'Neil(Taft 9.2 ppg)