Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 Bigs Comparison(Points)

Following the 10 Guard comparison, here is a look at how 10 of the best "Bigs" in the city compare to each other. Again, this may not be the 10 BEST post players in the city but all will play beyond high school. Also, a few on this list will not play in the post in college.
1.Ebony Easter 18.62
2.Avery Queen 15.48
3.Tanaeya Boclair 12.12
4.Tesha Smith 11.69
5.Simone Field 10.58
6.Erica Chapman 10.3
7.Aleeya Harris 9.07
8.Sabrina Berry 6.94
9.Dani Espinoza 6.8
10.Mychal Costley 6.41