Monday, January 9, 2012

10 Guards Comparison(assists)

With SA Express doing a mid-year progress report, here is a look at ten of the best guards the city has to offer. This may NOT be the BEST ten guards in the city but a comparison of their accomplishments:

Assists(2011-12)/ Assist Average

1.Leslie Vorpahl 6.8
2.Recee' Caldwell 6.38
3.Niaga Mitchell-Cole 4.63
4.Brooke Allemand 3.4
5.Chamaya Turner 3.14
6.Elena Gumbs 2.5
7.McKenzie Calvert 2.1
8.Carlie Heineman 2.09
9.Wendy Knight 1.92
10.Moriah Mack 1.54