Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Be Realistic!

Here is a memo to all the dads and club coaches that use the word "Best" too loosely; Get Real(istic)!

Every so called elite prospect in this city has played in front of college coaches on numerous occasions.

College coaches make six figure salaries, some make millions. They cannot make decisions based on clever marketing of players and keep their job! They know that players ultimately determine wins.

For instance, Coach G at Texas has not won at a high rate in comparison to her Duke years. Why? She has yet to land the Lyndsey Hardings at Texas. Did she become a bad coach all of a sudden? No! She has less talent to work with. Gary Blair won a championship last season. He graduated two pros and his current record illustrates their impact to the current team.

My point is that the Internet has allowed anyone with a keyboard to tout "can't miss kids". How do you know that a kid is really good, in most cases, check their college offers! A few kids like Baylor great Sophia Young, who did not play club ball, go under the radar. Those examples are few and far between.

College coaches see things from a different point of view. Just because a kid averages 20 points a game in high school does not mean that those skills translate to college. Look at Bo Kimble of LMU fame. Or Harold Miner of USC glory. I can use plenty of girls' high school examples but do not want to seem to bash a kid to make a point. However, the stats are available on My San Antonio site. Go back a few years and see how many local kids averaged a lot of points in HS but did not earn scholarships. Most of these kids played club ball and played in front of the people who get paid to know talent on many occasions.

With the growth of San Antonio girls' basketball, we should all make sure to be realistic and truthful with our kids without discouraging them. There SHOULD be a place for every dedicated and skilled basketball player in the city. However, parents should not sell nor accept wolf cookies about their children, they can be very expensive in the long run!