Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MVP Votes!

These players have to be considered for MVP honors. To make their case and not make a case as to why I did not choose them may lean toward bashing. With that in mind, these players had great years:

Tanaeya Boclair- Sophomore Big has lead her squad to an undefeated record. She is a huge fcator in Brennan's success.

Ebony Easter- The senior forward had a terrific year and led an O'Connor team with her good play and great leadership.

Chamaya Turner-2011 female athlete of the year had Canyon rolling the the playoffs. Very good numbers.

Erica Hernandez- Sharp shooter for Floresville had a great year. Fuels a system that feeds off of her geting buckets.

Tesha Smith- Breakout year from the junior post player. From JV to MVP canidate one year for Wagner!