Friday, February 3, 2012

February Tidbits!

  • Realignment is here and Brennan is the biggest loser. Brennan returns all starters back next season on a team currently undefeated. The reward is to play in a district that will not test them at all. It is tough to prepare for a state run without getting challenged. Coach Randy Evans is going to have to schedule extremely tough in the preseason to overcome the new district shortcomings.

  • New 1000 point club members: McKenzie Calvert 2014(1132), Niaga Mitchell-Cole 2012(1109), Brooke Allemand 2013(1224). Southwest's Tiffany Rodriguez is 3 points shy of 1000.

  • Speaking of 1000 point club, Erica "Goose" Hernandez has some pretty impressive numbers. She has 1321 points in the last two years! She is approaching 2500 career points. She leads the city with 81 three point makes this season. She is shooting 81% from FT. The scoring total would place her in the Top 50 scores in Texas history!!

  • Madison's Briana Jones is averaging 20 points a game in the last 3 games. She is doing this in  the best district in the city. 26-5A is the toughest district in the city with 3 out of the top 8 teams in the SA Express-News Top 10.

  • Wagner vs Judson- Was one of the best coached games in a while. Multiple defensive changes, various offensive looks and constant lead changes made for a great game. Judson's LB Brown controlled the action early but Tesha Smith brought the victory home for Wagner.

  • Churchill and Reagan will most likely face off for the forth time for playoff seeding. The top two teams in the city are fighting for a chance to play New Braunfels and not Judson in the first round. Judson is talented enough to beat any team in the city on the right night.