Monday, May 21, 2012

Close but no cigar!!

USA u17 trials in Colorado this past weekend was one of the best outings for local kids, Recee' Caldwell and McKenzie Calvert that I have ever seen. The committee had a difficult choice with a number of high quality kids. The selection committee eventually settled on 11 players from 2013 class and 1 player from 2014, down from 3 players from 2014 last year. To put the into perspective, 3 players cut from the u17 team, were named to the u18 team today.


Caldwell was this years Kelsey Mitchell. Mitchell, the top ranked player in the class of 2014, according to ESPN Hoopgurlz, was surprisingly cut after a great showing last year. The cut left many analyst scratching their heads. Below is commentary of Caldwell's play from the staff of  grass roots basketball heavy weights, ESPN Hoopgurlz(Chris Hansen/Brandon Clay/Keil Moore), Blue Star Media(Mike Flynn, Prentice Beverly, Kevin Lynch), and All-Stars Girls Report( Bret McCormick). I will let their words and interviews tell the story but Caldwell showed extremely well. According to a source close to the selection process, she needed to shoot more. She was Rajon Rondo instead of being Chris Paul. She was Rondo last year and wrongfully thought that Rondo was want the only people who matter in the process, the selection committee, wanted. Many local followers were surprised at Caldwell being called a defensive stopper. I was not. Her offensive abilities and demanding minutes in both high school and club ball makes playing lock down defense secondary at times. As stated below by an analyst that was not a particular fan of hers( had a different horse in the race), Caldwell locked up some of the very best kids in the country. Unfortunately, the kid that is known as one of the best shooting/scoring point guards in the country and is being recruited as such, did not shoot enough to warrant a spot in the u17 world games. The following are tweets, an article and an interview by the analysts on hand. These include former college coaches, award winning journalists, former college players and 4 of the most respected evaluators in the land.

@KeilMoore Taya Riemer, Kaela Davis, and Recce Caldwell were fun to watch in this last scrimmage. Those three played very well together. (May 19)

@ASGR1995Great PG play with Reece' Caldwell TX Jordin Canada CA Lindsay Allen MD & Jessica Washington OK. They are smart smooth & make plays.(May 18)

@PBevBallNPrep ReCee Caldwell was str8 playing lock down D! Ready for battle (May 18)

@BrandonClayPSB First session rapping up. Light work tonight. They'll hit the ground running tomorrow. Thought '14 G Recee Caldwell was ready to work! (May 17)

@KeilMoore Recee' Caldwell was very effective on both sides of the ball in the first scrimmage. Good showing for her.(May18)

@klhoopsLindsay Allen really stood out last session against the top defensive pg at the trials Recee Caldwell, hit all her shots, no turnovers,(May 18)

@klhoops not a dis to Caldwell, just have not seen anyone play that well against her, she is a GREAT defender(May 18)

@MikeFlynn826USAB trials 17u D3 interview w Recee Caldwell

@HoopGurlz Recee Caldwell looking to step up at USA trials:

McKenzie Calvert

Calvert had a terrific showing. She encouraged and cheered for her teammates more than I have ever witnessed. She played her trademark smothering defense and did a good job running the point guard spot. In a conversation with one of the talent evaluators on hand, he came to the realization that she can go! He has seen Calvert a number of times in club ball and this was by far the best showing that he has seen from her. Calvert may have played her way into a Top 25 ranking with the analysts on hand. Being on one of the most watched club teams in the country has allowed her to play in front of these talent evaluators dozens of times. However, she showed them that she is indeed one of the best 2014 guards in the country this past weekend.

@KeilMoore Very good showing from McKenzie Calvert. The 2014 CG committed to Baylor. Active, energetic. She is making things happen.(May 18)

@PBevBallNPrepAlso like MCalvert LHarper NCoffey SMavunga(May 18)