Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SA Islanders are so San Antonio!

San Antonio is crazy about them Spurs. When first moving here in '07, I was surprised at seeing so many billboards, t-shirts, car flags, etc, proclaiming 'Go Spurs Go'. However, I found the passion for the local NBA team did not translate to the grassroots level, especially on the girls side. There is a team that the rabid Spurs disciples could get behind. They personify the city in many ways. Though I am far from being a Spurs fan, I have the utmost respect for how hard they play the game. In this way, The SA Islanders rep San Antonio as much as Timmy D and TP. Here are some of the reasons why they must be respected.

Amber Vidal 2015- Some kids are just not Ballers. Basketball is so accessible, many kids play the game. No matter how much some kids play the game, they will not become a Baller. Amber Vidal is NOT one of those kids. She runs like a Baller. Her stride is an athletic one, looking effortless. Her stroke from the outside is clean, ball rotating end over end. Her handle is strong enough to make sure she is not one dimensional.  She has basketball instincts, anticipating plays before they happen. She is quick but under control. She is defensively aggressive but not belligerent in her movements. Any former or current Baller will recognize a Baller when they see one. Vidal makes the game look easy, even at a few inches above 5 feet. Her size may limit some of her college opportunities but some school is going to get a steal in this kid.

Alexis Torres 2016- Torres has been a favorite of mine for years. Another kid with a small frame, her skill set is beyond her 8th grade years. She simply puts defenders on ice skates. Her 3 point range makes her a kid that defenders must run off of the line. She plays the point and does a great job of passing off of the dribble, with both hands.

Mikki Flores 2016-  There is not a tougher kid in the city! NO kid takes as many falls and collisions and jumps back up. Flores only knows how to play the game one way, HARD! Though she may not look the part, her offensive game must be respected. She has added a nice runner to her game and with her constant attacking style, she will earn repeated trips to the foul line.