Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May Quick Hitters!

  • Jackie Anderson(Antonian) is scheduled to make an Ivy League tour in late June. The SA Finest Blue wing is visiting Yale, Dartmouth and Cornell. All three schools are elated to get Anderson on campus as she has been on their target list for awhile. Anderson is drawing major interest from Stetson, HBU, West Point and Texas State among others.

  • Local club coaches are getting the message; have game will travel. Local clubs will attend events in Dallas, Atlanta, Tennessee, Oregon, Louisiana and Nebraska this July. Add Arkansas and Oklahoma to places that have already hosted local club teams. This is a major reason that more schools are "discovering" the talent here. I overheard a team coach from a city close to San Antonio "bragging" about playing in a non-certified event in July. This coach has rising seniors!

  •  To  follow up on my tweet (@shesballin.com) last Saturday, SA has some of the best young guards in the country. I am not talking about "best" that so many local coaches and basketball heads use so loosely. I am talking about "BEST", as in will have their pick of college destinations. I find it comical that so many people always claim that "this kid is the best", but the college opportunities do not reflect that! A kid like Amber Ramirez has more college opportunities than kids being proclaimed as "best", yet she has not set foot on a high school campus! Anyway, here are the San Antonio guards who will surely be among the Top 100 players in their respective classes over the next few years.
Top 100 Locks
2014- Recee' Caldwell and McKenzie Calvert
2015- Kyra Lambert
2016- Amber Ramirez
2017- Kiana Williams
2018- Desiree Caldwell
(Tanaeya Boclair (2014) is ranked in the Top 100 by HG and is the #23 ranked forward in country)

Top 100-150 Probables
2014- Wendy Knight
2015- Erica Sanders
2017- Gabbi Connaly and Kinzie Heineman
2018- Destiny Jenkins

  • Wagner coach, Tina Camacho, is now the head of South Texas AAU basketball. Not AAU, as in what most clubs are misnamed, but AAU as in the Amateur Athletic Union. For teams to qualify for AAU national championships, they may be required to play in South Texas regional event. AAU Nationals traditionally has been the most competitive event in the country for elementary and middle school aged teams.

  • The talk among D1 basketball is the alarming rate in which men are increasingly being named as head coaches. With the addition of Randy Evans, SA Express News Coach of the Year, to Johnson HS, the NEISD may lead the city in male coaches for a district. Johnson, Reagan, Roosevelt, Churchill all have male coaches. Lee had a male coach but he reportedly took a position at John Jay on the boys side. With Evans joining Johnson, the head coach for 3 out of the Top 5 teams in the city last season will be coaching in 26-5A.

  • With Evans leaving for Johnson, Brennan is a much sought after job. The Top 5 team features at least 4 college players, including one D1 lock and two more D1 probables. That kind of talent spells success in the city.