Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Amber Ramirez w/ Hoopgurlz love!

Amber Ramirez capped off a great summer with some coverage from ESPN Hoopgurlz. The following is an except from the article. Ramirez is the only 2016 featured in the piece.

Amber Ramirez (San Antonio, Texas), SA Finest White: This was a great encore for Ramirez, following her June performance at EBA West Camp. In this tournament she was pitted against bigger, stronger, older competition, and her skill set simply translated. She has all the swag you could ever want from a player this young, which allows her to continue to attack with her advanced ballhandling. She can create offense off the dribble and makes plays with the pass as well as taking shots. We simply need to see a consistent release on her shot so her scoring becomes steady. She has a slight build and is going to see a lot of deny-and-face guard tactics as she moves up the ranks, something her Finest teammate, Recee' Caldwell, knows plenty about. As good as she was this summer, seeing Ramirez in the same backcourt with Caldwell next summer should be something fans and scouts look forward to.

Ramirez has picked up two new offers over the past two days, one from a Pac-12 school and another from a Big-12 institution.