Friday, August 24, 2012

"If the man is coming, make way for the man!!" The Wire

"What are the options when you have an inferior product in an aggressive market place."
Stringer Bell

"Well if you have a large share of the market, you buy out the competition."
Economics Professor

"And if you don't?", Stringer Bell

"The new CEO of WorldCom was faced with this very problem. The company was linked to one of the largest fraud cases in history so he proposed....." Economics Professor

"To change the name.", Stinger Bell

This is another classic scene from the HBO series 'The Wire'. The economics professor gave Stringer Bell two options to shine crap and call it gold. This is the same strategy that is being used to franchise the basketball market in San Antonio. The corporate ambassador attempting to legitimize themselves in the  raiding of local talent has been here for a long time. By my count, the ambassador has had business relationships with at least 5 clubs in the city and now has BOUGHT a new name. The ambassador is attempting to do what they have never been able to achieve in the city, establish a superior product. This local WorldCom is attempting a name change to become MCI.

In this case, MCI is like Walmart and Walmart is a beast! The corporate entity produces more revenue than entire countries. I have read many biographies on Sam Walton and admire his accomplishments very much. However, Walmarts' impact on communities is not all that good. Many mom and pop stores that pay decent living wages to employees and provide expert customer service are wiped out by the invading behemoth.

Nationally recognized clubs see San Antonio as new fertile territory. For years they have attempted to reach into the city and "take". The have succeeded in getting a couple of the brightest players to leave and work in their Walmarts. They have over produced their land and used the pesticides of recruiting to alienate the native soil. Like a Genghis hoard, they now must conquer new land.

Who benefits in the globalization attempts of these power clubs locally? Do they provide increased exposure? I have shown that San Antonio players are now well respected nationally so that lie is no longer valid. An elite kid locally is going to get exposed no matter what. But they provide free and distinctive  shoes right! In the words of the former Michigan State guard Marcus Taylor's father in the must read for all AAU parents, 'Sole Influence', "Buy your own damn shoes". Free can truly be very Costly! Do these corporate basketball take over kings offer superior development? Hardly! Look deep on their benches and witness kids that have been paying dues for years and have been recruited over. Ask those kids and their parents how the recruitment process is going.

Can these franchises help the middle class, the players in the city that will go on to play college at the D2, D3,and NAIA levels? This group of kids are the primary reason that franchises hurt small communities. These kids will pay and pay for years to support the elite players of the franchises. Do some homework and visit the sites of power clubs. You will find something real interesting. These programs have had hundreds, if not thousands of kids play ball for them. Why do you not find the names of the D2 and D3 kids prominently displayed on their sites? Do they not deserve to be celebrated as well? When these franchises and their ambassadors spread their gospel, why don't they include all of their sub-D1 connects that they have in their big time rolodexes.

Walmart is a finely tuned machine. Economic field studies reveal which areas are prime for expansion. If the environment could not support the franchises revenue projections, Walmart will not go there! This city is prime for franchises because the talent already exists! The franchise is not coming here to develop the expertise of the next leaders of industry. The franchises are coming here to get paid! Understand that as a fact! I have no problem with that. I find it so hypocritical that volleyball and soccer programs can make six figures annually yet never get scrutinized but basketball clubs can't? That is another blog for later. However, know that Walmart is coming for revenue, not to enhance to community!

San Antonio basketball has some really good mom and pop shops. They are attentive to the needs of their players and their players are thriving as a result. I am releasing my annual rankings in the city and at NO OTHER TIME in the history of this city have we had this many college basketball players. From 2013-2015, we will put 50 plus players into the D1 ranks. The previous record was 30 plus or so from 2010-2012. Twice as many players will play college basketball in that same time span. Why? How? Mom and Pops shops are investing into the basketball community and the soil is healthy because of it!

And there is the Ambassador, not respected in their own land, buying respect and changing the name of their inferior product. The Ambassador has been retained by Walmart to slang its wares. When the Ambassador outlives their usefulness or brings shame to the "The Brand", they will get the axe, another failed coup d' etat. I recently tweeted that just because Metta World Peace changed his name does not change the fact that he still is Ron Artest! Basketball Brawls and All:)