Thursday, August 16, 2012

Celebrate Success!!!

The Express-News featured an article that celebrated the 2009 Little League World Series trip by the McAllisters Park team. The 2012 McAllister Park team is returning to the LLWS starting today. Congrats to both the 2009 ad 2012 baseball teams. The TEAM aspect of the LLWS and the accomplishments of both should be recognized.

In the same spirit of celebration, let's look at the the last legitimate local girls basketball team to pursue a "national championship" on the girls side.

The 2008 Jaguars of Schertz  went to the AAU Nationals with the following players Erica Sanders, Kyra Lambert ,McKenzie Calvert, Moriah Mack, Ashley Ross, Samantha Allen, Simone Fields, Corrina Moncada. This team did not fare well in terms of wins in the event but in terms of individual accomplishments, they have superseded the boys baseball players by far.

The Express-News did a "where are they now" piece on the 2009 LLWS team.
Here is an update on the 12 players:

- 4 players(25% on team) no longer play baseball in favor of football.
- 3 players have made varsity so far
- 1 player has terrific stats

Here is an update on the young female Jaguars of old:

- 7 of 8 players made varsity as freshman
- 2 Players are committed to BCS Universities as underclassmen
(Calvert/Baylor, Lambert/Texas A&M)
- At least 2 others players have multiple D1 offers(Sanders,Mack)
- 7 of the 8 made all-district(all as underclassmen)
- All 8 helped lead their HS teams to playoffs
- At least 6 of 8 are being heavily recruited by D1 institutions

These are just the facts. No need to say much more. I will say, congrats ladies. Your accomplishments are and will continue to be celebrated.