Monday, November 10, 2008

Meighan Simmons is like Halle Berry

Cibolo Steele High School star, Meighan Simmons was featured in a wonderful article published in the San Antonio Express-News on Sunday. The article is a collectors item for all the aspiring young female basketball players in the city. It mentioned some of the best players in the history of San Antonio and Simmons's place among them. The sports section also included predictions and local "players to watch" for the upcoming season with Madison being projected as the top team in the city. The article on Simmons brought to mind some interesting conversations that her game inspires.

From a basketball standpoint, Meighan Simmons is absolutely beautiful . ANY knowledgeable and unbiased basketball eye can not deny her overwhelming beauty. Beauty has been defined as " The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality." Simply put, beauty is not common. There is nothing original nor artistic about being common. Simmons plays in a way that is not normal. From the beginning of athletic competition, we have always celebrated the supernatural. Whether it was a Roman Gladiator defeating multiple combatants or Babe Ruth calling his home run, we have always cheered those that can do what we can not. Simmons can do what most girl basketball players can not; make plays that captivate an audience. She has what some call the "WOW" factor.

Halle Berry has been named by People Magazine as one of the most beautiful celebrities seven times including topping the 2008 list. I will not get into my opinion of if and why she deserves the honor. Physical beauty is very subjected but we can probably assume that most people would consider Berry to be beautiful. Substitute Berry for personal preferences like Julia Roberts, Beyonce, Johnny Depp, Denzel Washignton, or whomever you consider beautiful. The point is that there is usually some consensus as to who we consider beautiful or better yet, who has above average looks or deeds.

Meighan Simmons and Halle Berry have some things in common:

-They both are successful in their realms. Simmons is ranked as one of the best players in the nation while Berry has won an Oscar.

-They both are in high demand. Simmons can call up at least 300 of the approximate 350 Division 1 schools and announce she is coming. These coaches would shed tears of joy. Berry is one of the highest paid celebrities today making up to $14,000,000 a movie.

-Unfortunately, they also share the fact that "Familiarity breeds Contempt".

Halle Berry had a husband that claimed that he dreamed of making her his wife for years before it actually occurred. This husband praised her beauty in public at every red carpet event and in every interview. He claimed she was perfect. He said her beauty was unmatched. Things changed quickly when he became familiar with her. He then became unfaithful to her in a very public and embarrassing way.

Meighan Simmons has basically grown up in front of the San Antonio Basketball Community. Any inquiring newcomer to San Antonio will be immediately informed of her beauty as a basketball player. Her stats and accomplishments will be recited. The newcomer will be excited to witness her feats firsthand. They will not be disappointed even if she has an "off-night" because they will recognize the potential for greatness. However, they will start to hear the rumblings. They will hear players who hint at jealousy and mothers that resent her for being better than their babies. They will hear elite dads dissect her game to find flaws. They will see that Simmons has become familiar to those in San Antonio and her beauty is under appreciated.

Micheal Jordan added a new skill or move to his game every summer. The simple fact that he added a skill means that he was obviously lacking that particular skill in the past. This is the most celebrated and beautiful basketball player in the history of the game and his flaws were evident all the way up until his career ended. Did that make him any less beautiful? Halle Berry's estranged husband started to see her differently without out the makeup. His idea of her perfection took a hit when saw her with her hair uncombed hair and her teeth not brushed. Did these things make her any less beautiful? Simmons is a beautiful basketball player any way you slice it. ESPN's Hoopgurlz columnist Chris Hanson wrote rave reviews about her after seeing her in the Spring. You could read that he saw the beauty that we all have come to take for granted. Texas Basketball Magazine is a great periodical. It is informative and comprehensive. But, they recently placed Simmons on the Preseason 3rd Team All-State. They have 70 players ranked higher than Simmons IN TEXAS! Now beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder,but even a blind man can see... that is just plain UGLY!!!!!