Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vindicated....So Far

I released my rankings of the Top Players in the city and received a lot of criticism from every corner of the city. "The rankings were club biased", " It was too guard heavy" and my favorite, "You do not know how to judge talent". I loved that one because the three girls for whom I have received the most flack about showed out last night in season openers. I know it is early but I am screaming "I told you so"..... So far!

Jessica Kuster- I ranked her 7th in the city and was told by more than a few that I had it wrong and that was too high. It's OK. She went for 24 points and 16 boards in the season opener against Judson. True, Judson is missing South Florida commit, Aleshia Flowers but Judson is still Judson. Kuster is an upside kid that will continue to get better. SA better take notice.

Danielle Blagg- Who? Exactly! My inclusion of her as knocking on the door of the Top 10 was laughed at by many. She only went for 29 last night in a close loss to Canyon. This sophomore will be a star!

Felicia Jacobs- Another kid who was supposed to be too high on my list. She will continue her monster summer by having a very strong year. She went for 20 out of her teams 33 in a close win over a good Sam Houston team.

Of course the usual suspects of Monica Engleman(20), Meighan Simmons(20) and CeCe Harper(18) all did their thing in blowouts.

The surprising result had to be in the MacArthur vs Taft game. Taft scored 26 points total against 50 for Mac. Oklahoma commit, Lydsey Cloman had 20 and Megan Glassburn had 6 points for Taft. That's It!!! No one else scored. WOW!!!!!!!!