Friday, November 14, 2008

Shana Holmes getting hers!

Shana Holmes, the reigning SA Express Newcomer of the Year, is picking up where she left off. The problem is that most people do not know where she left off. How about scoring more than 26 points per game as a freshman including a 50 point outburst and receiving little attention for it? The reason that Holmes' accomplishments are not garnering as much attention as they should is because she attends Stacey High, Class 1A, on the Lackland Air force Base. Naysayers may explain her enormous numbers as a product of her competition. However, here are some interesting facts:

-The All-Time scoring leader in Texas girls basketball is Adrian McGowen. McGowen scored 5,424 points in her career. McGowen eventually matriculated to Texas A & M. Like Holmes, McGowen played in Class 1A. The difference is that McGowen's exploits were recognized statewide and Holmes has yet to get the same treatment. Holmes' 50 point game is the 61st best game in Texas history. Her 49 point game ties her for the 63rd best scoring output in Texas history. Her 642 total points puts her in the Top 50 for a season and her 26.8 points per game ranks her 24th in Texas history.

- True, her competition may not be the greatest but by no fault of her own. She can not help where she goes to school. She knocks down the pins that are put in front of her. Take last nights number for instance. Holmes goes for 37 in a one point loss. She shoots 12 for 15. I'll repeat that. She shoots 12 for 15!!!! Now, as I did not witness the game, I assumed some things when reading that stat line. She must have played competition so weak that it was a lay up drill. 12 for 15 are numbers reserved for Shaq types. Only the overpowering "Bigs", that bully their way into point blank shots, shoot 12 for 15. Or, only lighting quick guards that harass helpless ball handlers into turnovers and breakaway layups go 12 for 15. I automatically thought the latter was true since Holmes is lighting fast and all of 5'2. I ASSUMED WRONG. The kid hit 7 out of 8 three pointers. Last I checked, the basket is 10 feet and a regulation 3 pointer is 19'9 whether you are playing Class 5A or 1A. Hitting 7 for 8 from three point land and 12 for 15 overall is impressive no matter who you are playing against.

- Holmes is just a sophomore. She plays Club Ball with the South Texas Hoyas and Hoyas Coach, Theresa Nunn, says" In our biggest tournament last season, she averaged 25 points a game." The tournament she is speaking of is a National event in Atlanta that attracts droves of college coaches. With Holmes' outstanding showing, it is no surprise that she came home to find a college letter from the University of North Carolina in her mailbox. The kids that she plays on the Club scene are the same kids Class 5A girls play against. That is the beauty of Club Ball; It allows players like Holmes to prove herself against the best players in the Nation regardless of where she attends high school.

- If Holmes' stats are recognized, she will be one of the more prolific scorers in SA history at this pace. Holmes is on pace to score more than 2500 points in her career. By comparison, All-Everything SA Legend, Clarissa Davis holds the city record at 2,759. Budding SA Legends, Meighan Simmons and CeCe Harper, are on pace to score over 2,900 points and 2400 points respectively. Holmes' total of 2,500 will rank her among the best scorers in SA History, Period!!!!

Am I saying that Holmes is as good as Simmons or Harper? No! I am not saying that. Am I insinuating that Holmes is putting herself in Clarissa Davis status? No! No! No! What I am saying is that Shana Holmes is making history right under our noses. We should probably take a whiff at her accomplishments. She deserves it.