Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mark Lewis Great Article!

ESPN HoopGurlz columnist, Mark Lewis wrote a well timed article on the use of social networking sites by college recruiters. I was forwarded a Facebook page of an elite athlete in the South/Central Texas region last year and was alarmed at what I read. I then wrote, on this blog, about how dangerous this could be to prospective athletes.

In a recent conversation with a college coach, I learned that an elite player had "too much baggage" for the program to continue to recruit her. This coach went on to bring up the fact that she had questionable character. The evidence to question the character of this elite player came from her social network page .The site included vulgar songs(in which she often quoted), promiscuous comments, and questionable relationships that put this elite player in a very negative light.

As Mark Lewis wrote:

"If a college program is trying to decide between you and another recruit and all things are pretty even on the floor they're going to look even closer at the intangibles. Coaches are constantly envisioning recruits in their uniforms and you don't want to give them an image in their mind that they can't shake or, worse yet, aren't interested in."