Friday, September 10, 2010

Quick Hitters!

-Erica Donovan(Jay HS/TeamXpress) is reportedly taking an official visit to Central Florida this weekend.

- Churchill Fall League starts Sunday.The league features Champion, Antonian, MacArthur, Reagan, Stevens, Wagner, Clark, Madison, Jonson, Seguin, Brandeis, Stevens, Marshall, Canyon and Lee.

- USA Coach Mike Krzyzewski had a great quote in yesterday's victory over Russia. When speaking of Kevin Durant's great performance he said "We are going to him....I learned in coaching that you should get you best player the ball". As obvious as this may seem, some coaches have yet to learn this complicated strategy!

- "Dad, Amber is trying to kill me!" This quote came from who many consider the #1 player in the nation for the class of 2014, Brianna Turner. The 6'3 Turner is more skilled than most elite guards and her work ethic is very impressive. She works out with a personal trainer numerous times a week. However, she has crossed into deeper waters since the beginning of school.

Turner attends Westbury Christian with club teammate and Stanford commit, Amber Orrange. Apparently, Orrange work ethic is borderline insane. At times she works up to four hours a day after school. When Turner has already put in her extra work after school, Orrange uses her status as a probable All-American to "persuade" the young freshman that one hour extra practice time is not enough. She constantly pushes Turner to work more. The "trying to kill me" comment was made during a phone call from Turner to her father. Orrange, the #15 ranked player in the nation according to ESPN Hoopgurlz, stacked two enormous Plyo Jumping Boxes on top of each other and was leaping on them. She expected the 14 year old Turner to leap on the boxes too. The future All-American is getting a first hand account of what it really takes to be the best, from one of the best.

- Speaking of the Best- Devine High School AD and head football coach, Chad Quisenberry recommended a book for those striving to be the best.

Training Camp: What the Best Do Better Than Everyone Else

A book review:

Gordon reveals the deep truths and proven strategies that take the very best to the top. Training Camp reveals that the best performers-in a variety of fields-all share the same qualities. Among other traits, the best of the best are able to maintain a big-picture vision while taking zoom focused action, they are mentally stronger, they seize the moment and they inspire excellence in the people around them. But these aren't inborn traits; the great news is that they're skills and attitudes that can be learned and applied by all.