Monday, September 20, 2010

Texas Jamboree!

Robin Gray put on a good event at the Antioch Sports Complex on Saturday. The Texas Jamboree featured some of the better local teams in the city. While the play was tough to watch at times with rusty ball players, a few kids stood out:

Kia Baez(Lady Rohawks)- For whatever reason, Kia is not playing at Brandies as rumored earlier. That is a huge loss for the Broncos. Baez has all the makings of a star. She is longer than her 6'0 frame. She can literally touch the rim on lay ups attempts. She can hit the open three ball and is strong passer. A little smoothing out the edges will go a long way with making Baez a major D1 prospect.

Leslie Vorpahl(SA Heat/Churchill)- Every time I see her, I become more of a fan. She has a knack for neutralizing defenders with a suttle in & out dribble and a quick burst of speed. The deceptive thing about the move is that it is precipitated by a little skip that keeps defenders guessing. She has mastered the Steve Nash quick step lay up. This move is tough to block as its quicker to the rim and not traditional. She is the best passer in the city! Hands down!

Lauren Rubio(Road Runners/South San)- According to her club coach she is "the best pure point guard in the city". While I disagree with that assessment, I understand his trust and enthusiasm in this kid. Rubio is a lefty with a strong handle. Her hesitation dribble freezes defenders. She can knock down the open jumper but strength is her passing. Her vision is trumped by her willingness to take chances by threading the needle and no look finds. Admittedly, I missed on this kid. You can not find 25 kids in the city better than her. In my defense, this was my first time seeing her.