Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Distinguished Visitors!!

San Antonio area kids are continuing to woo in the college coaches during this open period for high school visits. Some local players getting college visitors:

Daneille Blagg(2011/Smithson Valley HS/South Texas Hoyas)- The following schools have already visited or are scheduled to visit her home within the next week: Wichita State, SMU, Western Kentucky, SFA and Tulane

Taylor Calvert(2011/SteeleHS/DFW Washington)- Georgetown University is visiting on Thursday.

Erica Donavan(2011/Jay HS/TeamXpress Blk)- Recently visited Central Florida and NC State is up next.

Alexis Govan(2011/Stevens HS/TeamXpress Blk)- Western Kentucky is reportedly
coming out this week.

Ebony Watkins(2011/Wagner HS/Lady Rohawks)- Ebony recently visited Charleston Southern University.

Avery Queen(2014/Boerne HS/SA Finest Blue)- Oklahoma State came on last Thursday

Recee Caldwell(2014/Johnson HS/SA Finest Blue)- Oklahoma St last Thursday. Baylor today(Wednesday). Texas Tech tomorrow(Thursday).

McKenzie Calvert( 2014/Steele HS/DFW Washington)- The Baylor commit will host her chosen school today Wednesday.

The last three freshmen compel me to share an email sent last week by a father on an elite freshman player. The father is getting grief about his kid playing on varsity. He sent this to me in response to my Cain vs The Able blog:


WOW, are we serious. Please explain to me WHY a freshman girl can’t play on a Varsity basketball team. Is it because your senior daughter can’t go left, can’t make a layup, doesn’t know how to attack seams, or let’s just keep it real, shouldn’t even lace it up? And due to all your daughters deficiencies she will lose playing time to a freshman girl who can do all of the above and much more. A freshman girl who wakes up at 5 AM to work on her skills. A freshman girl who eats, sleeps, and dreams about this game. A freshman girl, who breaks down NBA film to improve her basketball IQ. Ask your senior daughter if she even knows what is meant by basketball “IQ”. I guess you’re the parent that is also disgruntled at work when someone off of the street comes in and gets that Director job. You being a 10 year employee getting over looked AGAIN! Hmmmm maybe that Masters degree this individual holds over your Associates degree really means something. You should have stayed in school or better yet when you got over looked the first time maybe you should have gone back to school to get more training. More training? What a noble concept. But you say, my daughter dominated at the YMCA and the CYO. She is as good as this freshman. She practices once a week. HAHA what a joke. Try working on your game EVERY SINGLE DAY! STOP fighting your kid’s battles. Make these future leaders stronger by letting them fail now and find a way to overcome it. Seniors do not deserve to play. They should have to earn it like they will have to earn everything they want for the rest of their lives!

I included this because it still shows how far we have to go as a city. This antiquated mindset is pathetic. Baylor University is currently ranked #4 in the Sporting News preseason polls. Today, Wednesday, they have flown in two coaches to visit two different high schools. The object of their attention are two FRESHMEN, McKenzie Calvert and Recee' Caldwell. And some still have the nerve to question whether capable freshman should be ALLOWED to play varsity? As the email stated, "WOW, are we serious".