Saturday, August 6, 2011

Missed on Espinoza?

I have wrote about Churchill's(Team Intensity's) Dani Espinoza often on this blog. However, my ranking of her as the #15 best player in 2012 for the city was probably too low.

The reason for not having the very talented Espinoza in the Top 10 derives from the fact that I have never seen her in the role as the head honcho. Espinoza plays on a very good high school team and was the 4th option in the offense behind Leslie Vorpahl, Carly Truesdale and Jordan Holub. With Truesdale reportedly living in Houston now, it may be Espinoza's coming out party.

I have been told that Dani Espinoza stepped her game up to another level this summer with a move from the SA Heat to Team Intensity. On her former club team, SA Heat, Espinoza never had the opportunity to carry a team. With her move to Team Intensity, she reportedly played against numerous D1 committed guards while handling point guard duties at times. She apparently made a lot of admirers in the process.

Hopefully she continues to show that I whiffed on her and she is Top 10 in the city, easily.